Written by Charlotte Foley

Directed by Grace Gregory


Claire (20) is totally unfazed by her decision to get an abortion- she was raised in a family that views it as a medical inconvenience rather than a moral quandary. Unfortunately, neither her pragmatism nor her supportive parents can spare her from the mundane atrocities of reproduction. The line between reality and nightmare wears thin as Claire's best efforts to take care of herself are thwarted by hormones and the healthcare system. Unexpecting is a 15 minute skin-crawling thriller that explores the banal injustices of having a uterus.  

We need 25k to realize this movie- we’re already just over 20% of the way there! This includes all our production expenses for a 4.5 day shoot in LA this September.

We have an incredible team already signed on to the project- see our bios below- and we are humbled to ask you to join us in this endeavour by making a contribution <3







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For the cost of the average uninsured OBGYN visit, you get:

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  • 1 ticket to a screening in the winter

  • A special shout out in the credits

For the price of the average medical abortion in the USA, you've secured yourself 

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  • a 5 invitations to our fundraiser

  •  a tote bag

  • 4 tickets to a winter screening.

Interested in making a more significant contribution? Making your donation tax deductible? Seeing a more detailed budget? Contact neworiginalsproductions@gmail.com- we would love to connect!


Grace (Director), Joe (Producer) and Charlotte (Writer) met in undergrad at Vassar College. Check out Grace and Joe's video "Alive, Annoyed" for Henry Hall. Grace is producing a feature this summer in Rhode Island called "over/under." 

Riley (Cinematographer) is a professional filmmaker based in Los Angeles. See their reel and past work here.

Lena (Production Designer) is a multimedia artist based in Los Angeles. 

Charlotte Foley (she/her)
Writer, Producer, Lead Actor

I am an aspiring writer/former child actor crawling out of the sh*thole to star in my own movie, Unexpecting. You may (not) remember me from stand out roles such as ‘Annie’ from ABC Family’s “In the Motherhood”  and ‘Green Charlotte’ from the indie series ‘‘Yummyfun Kooking.’’ In my short career, I’ve had the privilege to work alongside John C. Reilly, Cheryl Hines, Megan Mullally and of course, Horatio Sanz. 

I am beyond grateful for and inspired by the talented team bringing Unexpecting to life. Although the story is mine, the project is truly collaborative- and I could not dream up a better group of co-conspirators. Thank you infinitely for visiting our page and supporting this project.


Grace Gregory (she/her)

Hello! I'm Grace. I’m a grown up theater kid who has been working on TV sets since I graduated from Vassar [redacted] years ago. My work has taught me about every nook and cranny of production, and I feel so excited to totally shift gears and direct this bizarre and deeply meaningful film.


Being a human in a body is a perpetually weird, sometimes gross, and usually uncomfortable experience. To me, this story is about the feeling of living in a body that is holding you hostage, and trying desperately to exercise control in a situation where the world isn’t doing its best to take care of you. The story is a part of me, and I’m so grateful that Charlotte has entrusted me to help her tell it. Thank you for supporting us!


Riley H. Shen (they/she)
Director of Photography

My name is Riley Hanyue Shen and I grew up in Xi'an, China, where I had a trauma-littered childhood. Maybe it was the trauma planting seeds, or maybe it was simply because I was my mother’s little tail following her around in the hospital she works at, I have developed a deep interest in medicine and pathology that my peers consider a little bit morbid sometimes. But I always felt my skills were more promising in the arts than in the sciences. In 2012, I left my homeland and moved to the US to pursue a BFA degree in Film/Video at the California Institute of the Arts. Later, focusing on cinematography, I graduated from the American Film Institute with an MFA degree in June of 2019.


As a gay-sian non-binary cinematographer who is most attracted to capturing all kinds of weird, sexy, sad, or morbid human emotions with a camera on my shoulder, I am constantly on the lookout for partners in crime willing to join me in drilling down to the essence of humanity on a shot. From a mountaintop lake in Idaho to the heat of the Mojave Desert, I am cultivating an obsession with the craft of cinematography and I’m excited to explore how far I can push all these boundaries.


Joe Metcalf (he/him)

Hello! My name is Joe and I am thrilled to be producing this one-of-a-kind project with such a brilliant team. I have been around theater and film my entire life (and I’ve done everything from playing an orangutan to building a flamingo from construction paper). Now I am pursuing an MFA in Film & TV Production at USC. 


I would have worked on anything with this team, but this short film is an incredibly powerful story that tackles sensitive subject matter in a new and refreshing way. I am so excited to see the magic we create!


Lena Hindes (they/she)
Production Designer

I’m an artist living and working in Los Angeles. I’ve been working in film, TV and commercial production since 2018. Charlotte and I have always shared an affinity for the disgusting. To be trusted to bring her vision of filth and grime to life on screen is a dream come true.


To me, Unexpecting is about the burden of healthcare and the powerlessness of having a body. My previous projects include PUPETTES and SHINY TOYS.


Sam Sylvester (he/him)

Associate Producer

Hello! I am jack-of-all-trades interested in food, American culture, the grotesque, and anything scandalous or subversive. I work as a baker and at an agriculture non-profit in Upstate New York. My previous acting project, The Touch of the Master’s Hand, was the recipient of the Jury Prize for Best in US Fiction Shorts at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival. I look forward to exploring and learning new angles of filmmaking with the Unexpecting production team.


Gabe Kawugle (he/him)

Campaign Manager

Hi! My name is Gabe and I'm so excited to be working with this team to see this project come to life. As a former child model and current professional fundraiser, I'm more than happy to do my part to bring Charlotte's vision to fruition. Thank you all for reading and supporting this project!


Luke Montgomery (he/him)

Associate Producer

My name is Luke and I'm a videographer and producer with a passion for working with artists who inspire me.  In addition to freelance event production, I am the founder of 3 Dopes Media, a music centric audio and video production company based out of New York City.  I'm proud to have made this website, and round out the Unexpecting team.